Wagon Wheel Theme

Rustic Wagon Wheel Hybrid Pool Learning how to theme an environment serves the pool guy well as he adds finishing touches to yards for that extra special touch

Why Choose Themes?

Pool Guy Talk with Al Curtis The entire swimming pool environment can be wrapped around an experience, and choosing the theme makes all the difference when tying the elements together.

Planning a Theme

Pool Guy Talk with Al Curtis Defining the client’s favorite environment. Traveling the process as the theme develops. Investing in cool accents.

Pool Side Bar

Outdoor Adventure Hybrid Pool- This is the skeleton for the concrete swim-up bar counter-top. Al shows why he does it this way. (And you can see Penny tiptoe through the mud.)

Custom Concrete Swim-up Bar

Indoor Wharf Entertaining Gunite Pool-  When we build pools we try to add as much of what the homeowner wants as possible here we took a little twist with an idea that they had originally.

Sun Shelf Height and Breakdown

Pool Guy Talk with Al Curtis Thermal Ledge, we call them Sun Shelf. Consider the height of your ledge lounger to guide your depth. Al gives you some more information on his thinking.

Finishing Custom Concrete Water Slides

Indoor Wharf Entertaining Gunite Pool Water slides are always a hit with everyone here we made sure that the surface was correct and that the height of the room was at the correct level for the size of the slide. 

Glass Tiled Slides

Rustic Wagon Wheel Hybrid Pool-  The pool guy has been hand carving slides and waterfalls for years. In this video he explains why the glass tiled slides are the best option for a great slide down into the pool. {Karen, Read More …