Changing the Look of Your Pool

new coping quartzAs most of the midwest lies buried beneath several inches of snow and brutally cold temperatures as forecast in the coming days, I’m sure most of us are dreaming of heat and sun; the beautiful blue of a sparkling swimming pool. Well dream on, at least for a few months more, but more importantly, why not plan?

When your winter cover comes off in the spring what condition will your pool be in? Are you missing some tile; or maybe your coping bricks are loose or crumbling? Is your marcite surface rough on the toes or pockmarked in places? Maybe your liner is bleached of almost all color? If any of this sounds like your pool maybe it’s time to update or even renovate.

Is there a difference? Updating is changing tile for tile, coping for coping. Renovating is changing a gunite pool into a liner pool; breaking out old gray concrete for colored and textured; adding a spa or water feature.

If updating or renovating your pool sounds appealing, my advice is to research and plan because today there are so many options out there to consider and choose from. You can make small changes or large to refresh the look of not just your pool, but your backyard. First, decide what your pool needs, then look outside the box, and search for what your pool could become. Money will be a consideration, nothing will be cheap, but before you make a decision, know what you can get.

-Karen, Tile/Coping Specialist