In Their Own Words: “It’s in a different stratosphere!”

In a conversation with one of our homeowners, we asked him how this experience lines up with his expectations and with their previous contractor experiences. Throughout the years, he and his family have had work done on their house five times. They’ve had plenty of experience with contractors, both good and bad. When we asked him how this pool experience measured up, he had a simple response: “It’s not even close.” This is the best contractor experience he’s ever had, he said.

This is a totally new experience from their perspective–it doesn’t feel like the contractor experiences they’ve had in the past. And, as far as the vision and design that Al brings to the table, this new pool owner is almost speechless. “It’s in a different stratosphere!” He and his family are blown away by the creativity and scope of their backyard project. While talking about Al and our concrete and tile specialist, Karen, he said, “They’re working with concrete in ways that are amusement park-like.”

We love to hear that our customers are excited about their pools. But we also love to hear that the experience we provide is a good one, because that is truly something we strive for. We don’t just want to leave clients with an incredible pool after we leave, but we want them to enjoy the process as much as we do. And, so far, we think we’ve been pretty successful with that.

Below is part of the conversation previously mentioned, with the homeowner at one of our current projects. In his own words, here’s what he has to say about the contractor experience with Al and the Legendary Escapes team.