Legendary Escapes Goes Commercial!

racoonwaterfallHere at Legendary Escapes, we are incredibly proud of our swimming pools. We love what we do, and we like to think we’re pretty darn good at it. We are always looking for new ways to perfect the swimming pool design and construction process, and for new ways to better serve our clients. We have pioneered the hybrid swimming pool process, finally figuring out how to combine the best of both worlds in terms of swimming pool materials.

In addition to all of these things, we are proud to announce that Legendary Escapes is happily accepting commercial construction projects. We’ve expanded our repertoire to include theme parks and zoo habitats. We have always been great at creating spaces–any of our clients can tell you that we don’t just install swimming pools. We love to style backyards, adding landscaping and other touches to create a true backyard experience. Now, we’ve taken that passion to a whole new level.

We’re excited about this chapter, and about creating spaces on a whole new level. Now, not only do we get to design backyards and create beautiful experiences for our homeowner clients, but we also have the opportunity to create spaces on a larger scale and serve so many more people in the process. We are excited to create incredible spaces in a new way, designing and building for theme parks and zoos. Our projects stand out for their innovation, creativity, and uniqueness; and now we are bringing that to the commercial world. Our theme park and zoo designs come complete with trees, landscaping, faux rocks, and other beautiful design elements.

Really, what we’re trying to say is, “Watch out, world!” We’re so excited for these new opportunities, and we hope you’ll follow along with us! But don’t worry, we’re not ditching our current clients or even our future clients. This is a whole new part of what we’re doing, and we will continue to design and build beautiful, custom swimming pools in backyards.