Custom Swimming Pools to Meet the Needs of Special Customers

(July 12, 2011) – Water therapy is a growing trend and can be very helpful for individuals, both adults and children, with special needs (check out some articles here and here). In order to reap the benefits, though, individuals must have easy access to the pool. Legendary Escapes Pool Scapes and its owner, Al Curtis, are committed to thinking creatively and accommodating customers’ needs. Curtis is known for creative design and has built his career around thinking outside the box. He carries this attitude into every aspect of pool design, making an effort to create easy access pools for individuals who need them.

Hartland Michigan Swimming Pool by Legendary Escapes (8)
This gunite pool was created with a beach entry area to allow for some splash play by a child with special needs. The turtle offers an interactive splash zone while in the area, and a fountain adds a special touch. The beach entry allows for ease of access, and the several inches of water allows all members of the family to enjoy the pool.


There are many things that can be done to accommodate individuals with special needs and allow the whole family to enjoy a quality swimming experience. One of the most common accommodations is a beach entry in place of the standard steps in the shallow end of the pool. This is both aesthetically pleasing and very practical. It allows individuals to enter the pool at a gentle slope rather than trying to maneuver down steps. Many homeowners opt for a beach entry regardless of the needs of members of the household because it is an attractive option in addition to it being very convenient.

Special Needs Pool Design by Allan Curtis of Legendary Escapes
This pool design features a hybrid pool concept using both gunite elements (for the access ramp) and vinyl liner so the entire family has a great swimming experience.

If a beach entry is not for you, there are other options to avoid pool steps. Entry ramps are another great option for accommodating the needs your household may have. They provide easy access, like beach entries, but can take up less space and are sometimes a more viable option. Whatever entry option you choose, be sure it meets the needs and expectations of all the individuals involved.

Curtis also creates pools using a mix of both gunite features and vinyl features to ensure everyone in the family gets a quality swimming experience. He can create a unique mix of features to provide a completely customized swimming pool that meets the needs of everyone involved while also providing an aesthetically pleasing environment.


Al Curtis has a special understanding of families with special needs, having grown up in one himself. Two of Al’s sisters have had special needs all their life, one in a wheelchair, so he understand the needs of a family to create a safe place for all family members, and to make accommodations for all members to enjoy recreational and therapeutic activities.

Legendary Escapes Pool Scapes, creative and custom swimming pool builders, finds creative solutions to meet the needs of customers. Al Curtis is committed to providing quality service and care to his customers and delivering products to best serve his customers. For more information, contact Legendary Escapes Pool Scapes on the web at, by email at or by phone at 248-478-4978