Our team will be happy perform your Taylor, MI swimming pool closing.

Our team will be happy perform your Taylor, MI swimming pool closing.

To prepare for your closing:

  1. Continue your routine maintenance and water balancing until our crew arrives.
  2. Keep the pool floor clean of leaves and other debris – our crew will do a final clean up before putting the cover on, however, if you have an entire tree’s worth of leaves on the bottom of the pool, we may have to charge you extra.
  3. Have your winterizing supplies out for our crew on the day of the closing. This includes your winter cover (safety cover or plastic cover), water bags if applicable & plugs.
  4. Make sure we have access to water/garden hose and electricity.

When calling to schedule your swimming pool closing and reserve your pool closing date:

  1. Let us know if you need our crew to bring out any extra supplies such as:
    1. Swimming pool covers
    2. Waterbags – we recommend the dual tubes only
    3. Winterizing plugs
    4. Any special requests or procedures you’d like our team to follow.
    5. Sit back and relax, knowing your pool will be closed promptly and professionally.
    6. Remember, Cash/check/charge cheerfully accepted.

 Here are some of the things we will do when we get to your Taylor, MI pool:

  • pump down the pool to winterizing level
  • add pool chemicals needed for closing
  • blow out the lines to winterize the plumbing and install plugs
  • drain the pump, filter, heater and ancillary equipment
  • winterize the slide/spa or waterfall
  • remove ladders and handrails
  • cover diving board
  • cover the pool with your winter pool cover on, either the plastic type with water bags or a safety cover {we offer free safety cover quotes}
  • *per manuf. Recommendations we do not cover the equipment for the winter
  • & Most important of all: Peace of mind that your pool system is properly winterized by an experienced professional, Swimming pool closings are warrantied when we also perform your spring pool opening.

Your job is to make sure we have access to water/garden hose and electricity.

Ask the Pool guy is a  professional pool closing company that services Taylor, MI. The types of pool serviced by Ask the Pool Guy are in-ground vinyl liner pools, gunite pools and fiberglass pools.

It’s always a great time to consider investing in a mesh safety cover for your pool, instead of the winter pool cover with waterbags. The mesh safety covers are safer, nicer to look at, convenient, and allow the startup and opening process to be simpler since the pool will already be full so the system can startup right away.

In addition to our swimming pool closing services in Taylor, MI, we can also provide a complimentary quote for a safety cover.