“We are embarking on an adventure together”

Those are the words of the homeowner at our next construction project, during a recent meeting with Al to finalize the design and pool plans. We love this attitude, and it truly embodies what we do here at Legendary Escapes. We don’t just build swimming pools; we create experiences. We call our design process “organic,” and it truly is. We allow the space to speak to us, and we are never so attached to a blueprint that we are not open to change. Very often, we find that a feature would look better if it were tweaked just a bit, or a waterfall would sound better if we angled it differently. We are always open to these types of changes, and we actually love it when they present themselves.

Al on a new construction site, marking out a road-map for the adventure that is building a Legendary Escape
Al on a new construction site, marking out a road-map for the adventure that is building a Legendary Escape

Sometimes, it is the homeowner who decides, “You know, I think we changed our minds–is it too late to add that waterfall back in?” And the answer is, of course, “Not at all!” Sometimes, the initial liner choice turns out to be all wrong; but is it too late to change it out? Of course not. The most important thing for us is that the end result is exactly what each client has dreamed of. It’s important for us and our clients to be on the same page with the mentality that an extra day or two, or even week or two, of construction time is worth it in the grand scheme of the decades they will spend enjoying their custom swimming pool with their families and friends.

Water is constantly moving, and art is always changing. When you combine these two things, you get an ever-changing, always-developing entity. Sometimes, we simply have to make adjustments to our blueprints because the water or the art has different plans. We’ve found, though, when you stop resisting change and start embracing it, you’ll end up with incredible results (in pool construction and in life!). We embrace the change that the creative process brings, and we are always amazed by the results. Our homeowners, too, love the beauty and excitement that comes with each new day of construction. They are involved in each part of the process, and we are always sensitive to their input. We might be the ones building the pool, but they will be the ones who enjoy it for years to come! So we always strive to make sure each custom swimming pool fits its homeowner perfectly.

This week at Legendary Escapes, we are beginning two new projects–or, we should say, embarking on two new adventures. We couldn’t be more excited about them both, and we can’t wait to see where these adventures lead. Like a typical adventure, we have a destination in mind and a vision of what it will look like. But, like any good adventure, we know that twists and turns lie ahead and the final outcome is always more beautiful than we had imagined. As always, we’ll keep you posted on both of these projects and how they shape up. Stay tuned for adventure updates!