{PR} August 2011 – Custom Sculpted Retaining Walls

More than Swimming Pools: Custom Sculptured Retaining Walls


(August 2011) – Building a swimming pool in your backyard can include so much more than simply building a swimming pool. Customers of Legendary Escapes Pool Scapes often come to designer Al Curtis with high hopes for their pools. Curtis does not typically settle for simply plopping a pool in a customer’s yard—he loves to get creative and add different elements to the backyard experience.

A retaining wall can be a beautiful addition to your backyard landscape. It can add a lot to the aesthetic of your pool area and give it that oasis feeling. Al Curtis loves a good retaining wall—he really feels it can pull a backyard together and give it an extra “something” to make it stand out.

Curtis doesn’t make anything average if he can help it—so it’s no surprise that he doesn’t install the average retaining wall. He creates custom sculptured retaining walls to match the pool. The retaining walls Curtis creates are designed to keep with the theme and intended feel of the pool, and they are the perfect size and shape for the pool and the surrounding area. Curtis doesn’t leave anything to chance—the retaining walls he sculpts are just as carefully designed as the rest of the pool area.

Curtis has created many themed retaining walls to match the theme of the pool and bring the whole area up another level aesthetically. For a pool in Saline, Curtis created a retaining wall with built-in lighting to match a custom built fire pit. A themed privacy fence supported a Southern France theme.

If your pool isn’t themed, though, don’t worry! Curtis also creates beautiful custom retaining walls made of stone to provide style and function without being too extravagant. He has created un-themed, but equally stunning, retaining walls for many satisfied customers.


Al Curtis is the builder and designer for Legendary Escapes Pool Scapes. Curtis specializes in custom vinyl, gunite or hybrid pools. He sculpts by hand and creates one-of-a-kind masterpieces for his customers. Building a swimming pool is a creative experience for Curtis and his customers. For more information, contact Legendary Escapes Pool Scapes by phone at 248-478-4978, by email at pools@legendaryescapes.com, or on the web at www.legendaryescapes.com.

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