Welcome to Legendary Escapes:

Legendary Escapes offers artistic, custom swimming pool design solutions for homeowners looking for something unique, relaxing, and themed. If you are looking for something that is new, interesting and exciting, you’re in the right place. Our designer, Al Curtis, has been in the industry with hands on, practical experience* since joining the industry during his college years. Starting out studies in art, and finishing with a degree in physics with a minor in math, Al has a special understanding of how to put elements together for truly exceptional artistic design, and still maintain the flow and function that the mechanical elements will determine.

  • There is a special type of project that he has become known for – it is water as art.
  • It’s something that’s not just a pool, it’s a backyard resort.
  • It’s not just a place to spend time, it’s a place to be in a moment of pure enjoyment.
  • It’s not just something creative, it’s unique in every element – photos don’t do the backyard experience justice. You need to step foot to the pool environment to “get it.”
  • If you’d like a tour of some of our favorite backyard escapes, we are happy to make arrangements.
  • If you’d like to create something magical in your yard, please call for a design consultation.
  • We are currently accepting new clients who want something new, unique and artistic.


The Legendary Experience:

Al has been getting quite creative in recent years. Implementing elements of gunite pools in his projects, as well as vinyl liner design and function, has allowed Al to explore the limits of “traditional” pool building. He has been paving the way in the industry for a new product line and experience. Al is the only builder who is building hybrid pools – the benefits of gunite, without the drawbacks, and the benefits of vinyl without the limitations. Al is also training professional pool builders in the unique process of combining the elements.  

Our Pool Projects:

Legendary Escapes will design and build in any area of the United States, both as the builder, and in partnership with your local swimming pool design and build companies. Pioneering the Hybrid Swimming Pool by using elements of Gunite Swimming Pools and Vinyl Liner Swimming Pools in the design and build process.

With a Design Philosophy of Water as Art, Legendary Escapes Swimming Pools have become an art form. The pools that are designed and built by Legendary Escapes Pool Scapes LLC offer homeowners a place to escape from reality. Our art incorporates elements into an environment that helps to enrich a customer’s world.

Looking at art it takes you somewhere, evokes thought, and inspires feelings. Our pool projects transport people in the moment. They are based on aesthetics elements which will enrich, balance, and promote well-being while in our environment.  

Thoughts from our Designer:

“I’ve been training for this challenge all of my life. Water has become a philosophy to me. How can I affect a customers world, how can I enrich a customers life by what I do? How can I take the concept of what we do and make it truly spectacular? It’s not driven by dollars and is possible at every economic level. It’s outside the box thinking. We operate outside the box. It’s about architecture. It’s about art history. It’s about bringing something to our homeowners, a part of something that has not yet been done or explored.”

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